Month: November 2021

How to Build a Sales Process for Your Sales Team

By CommenceCRM / November 26, 2021

Behind every successful company and closed business deal is a well-defined sales process. Having an effective sales process not only improves your overall management but also helps drive an increase in revenue. According to a report, there is a significant 18% difference in revenue growth between companies that have adopted a sales management process and those that have not.   …

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Delivering the Best Mix Takes Experience

Why Your Marketing May Be Failing!

By CommenceCRM / November 24, 2021

Executing successful marketing campaigns is key to the success any business. It drives brand recognition, more inquiries and new business opportunities, but it’s hard work and requires three components for success:   A Well-Defined Marketing Plan. Marketing Automation Tools. Experienced Resources.  These are the primary challenges facing many small to mid-size companies today so let’s take a look at all three and see where you are doing well and where you may need some help.   The Marketing Plan   Creating a successful marketing plan (often…

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Are You Confident In Your Price?

By Dave Kahle / November 18, 2021

An excerpt from Sell Different! by Lee B. Salz After a lengthy new client acquisition process, the time has come to submit a proposal including pricing. Countless hours are spent formulating a glorious proposal that details your comprehensive solution. Proud of your accomplishment, you present the proposal to your prospect. Skipping the “About Your Company” and “Your Solution” sections, she…

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8 Places Salespeople Can Find More Prospects Online

By CommenceCRM / November 17, 2021

Prospecting is the first and foremost essential stage in the sales management process. Anyone working in the sales industry knows how crucial sales prospecting is to maintain a large client base, increase stream of revenue, and keep the business healthy. What’s important in prospecting is to identify and connect with the right customers who are fit for the products and…

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2 Simple Rules to add Value to Every Sales Call

Adding Value to Every Sales Call

By Dave Kahle / November 9, 2021

Are you wasting your customers’ time? Or adding value every time you call on them? In this pressurized, multi-tasking world, where your customers are expected to produce more in less time, they may be growing less eager to meet with you than they were just a year ago.  Time is more precious today than ever before, and your customers are feeling the…

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Transforming Your Sales Force by Creating Specific Expectations

By Dave Kahle / November 4, 2021

Excerpt from Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century by Dave Kahle. I just finished a phone call with a potential client who had called to discuss a problem.  His 18-person sales force was paid on straight commission.  All had been with the company for 8 – 15 years and were earning healthy incomes.  His problem was that he…

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