By CommenceCRM

What Differentiates Commence CRM?

So many businesses continue to make the same mistake repeatedly when selecting CRM software.  They focus exclusively on who has the most features and functions at the lowest price. They are so concerned with this that they often lose sight of why they are looking for a CRM solution in the first place, and that is to address several specific business requirements.  Achieving this objective is not about the software anymore.  CRM at the small to mid-size level has become a commodity market with most of the solutions offering the same features and functions. In fact, this is the reason why several solution providers now offer their product for free. These companies have discovered that it is just too costly to acquire new customers and compete against the myriad of other low-cost solutions so they just give it away and hope that they can sell add-on features later.

As the CEO of Commence Corporation we have experienced the above, but what makes us different is that we focus on delivering results.  We have an excellent product, but will it instantly improve how you market, sell and provide service to your customers right out of the box? Probably not. No CRM system will.  We do this by assigning a team of highly experienced sales, marketing, and service personnel to addressing your specific business requirements.  For example, if you need to better manage the sales cycle our team will help you implement a sales methodology that tracks where every new opportunity is in the sales cycle.  Want to provide best in class customer service?  We will create analytical reports that display the complete service history for every customer.

Our process which includes a top-rated product coupled with experienced personnel provides a rapid return on your investment and builds trust. This is what differentiates Commence CRM from other alternatives.

Our continued success is driven by our ability to deliver results to our customers.
Larry Caretsky, CEO

CRM is not simply a transaction for us where we sign you up and wish you best of luck. It’s consultative and the reason why our customers have remained loyal for over two decades. Our continued success is driven by our ability to deliver results to our customers. If you are looking to implement a CRM solution it’s ok to focus on features and functions, but don’t forget to evaluate the company and the value add they provide. It’s this level of support that will ensure your success with our CRM solution.  Our customer testimonials support this, so I encourage you to review them at Testimonials for Commence CRM.