Month: July 2021

What Differentiates Commence CRM?

By CommenceCRM / July 29, 2021

So many businesses continue to make the same mistake repeatedly when selecting CRM software.  They focus exclusively on who has the most features and functions at the lowest price. They are so concerned with this that they often lose sight of why they are looking for a CRM solution in the first place, and that is to address several specific…

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Close-up Of A Businessman's Hand Analyzing Graph On Convertible Laptop

Best CRM Software for Registered Broker Dealers

By CommenceCRM / July 28, 2021

Broker-dealers are financial professionals that deal with talking to clients and their finances. With several tasks on their hands, they need excellent CRM software to navigate the industry and accomplish their tasks efficiently. However, a financial advisor or retail investor that has limited ideas about CRM might end up choosing the wrong kind of platform.   So what’s the best…

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What to Look for in an Insurance CRM Software

By CommenceCRM / July 19, 2021

Using an insurance customer relationship management (CRM) software as an insurance agent or insurance broker can offer several benefits. The software can provide better data management, increase efficiency, help save money, and enhance customer loyalty. However, some insurance agents probably don’t know what to look for in an insurance CRM software, and they end up with a platform that’s difficult…

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The best salespeople are like extensions of my business.

How well are your salespeople serving your customers?

By Dave Kahle / July 12, 2021

That’s right.  Serving, not selling.  I know you are concerned with sales.  It’s easy to determine how well your people are selling to your customers.  That’s what sales reports are for.  But your customers are more concerned with how well they are being served by your salespeople.  Why is that important?  Because you are in it for the long run.  You don’t want to just sell…

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What Are the Best CRM Software for Insurance Agents and Realtors?

By CommenceCRM / July 12, 2021

CRM software is a great way to manage information and optimize workflow for insurance agents and real estate brokers since it uses relevant data to enhance customer relationships. Compared to traditional tools, a CRM tool is easier to use and offers key features that are specific to a certain industry.    So what are some of the best CRM software…

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Ways to Effectively Market Insurance Using CRM

By CommenceCRM / July 6, 2021

Though insurance is something that most of us consider a necessity, many insurance agents have a difficult time marketing their products, and they may need help on how to market new insurance CRM idea. This is usually due to difficulties such as ineffective marketing campaigns, lack of training, underutilizing technology, and substandard customer relationships. But with CRM software, insurance agents…

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