Month: June 2021

Don’t Make CRM Transactional

By CommenceCRM / June 30, 2021

CRM software programs promise to help businesses streamline their internal business processes so that they can improve how they market, sell and provide service to their customers. It’s a booming sector with a myriad of vendors all claiming to offer feature rich solutions that are affordable and easy to use.  They claim this because it’s what the consumer wants to…

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Focus, Practice, Commitment to Goals

Sports Coaches Advice for Business and Sales

By Dave Kahle / June 25, 2021

Question: Dave, I’m wearied by the preponderance of books and business advice by all these sports coaches. What’s your opinion?  How many different coaches do we need to hear from?  Is sports coaches’ advice to sales people worthwhile?  Is it another example of our infatuation with sports and the desire to bring that into our own lives? Answer: What a…

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The New Reality of B2B Sales

Are Outside Salespeople Obsolete?

By Dave Kahle / June 16, 2021

This week, one of my clients asked me this: “Are outside salespeople obsolete?”  He is the CEO of a distributor who specializes in automation equipment.  He had just lost three field salespeople and was thinking about replacing them.  “What kind of person should I look for,” he asked, “in light of the recent and radical changes in the economy?” While his need…

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Onboarding Plan

Onboarding Key to Successful Implementation of CRM

By CommenceCRM / June 8, 2021

CRM software is all about automating the internal businesses processes that impact how you market, sell and provide service to your customers.  It can be a wonderful tool, but taking full advantage of what a CRM solution can provide is no easy task. Sometimes the internal business processes are not in place or not even established, so there is nothing to automate or they are…

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Important CRM Major Architectural Components for Insurance

By CommenceCRM / June 1, 2021

Insurance sales rely on the agent’s interactions with the client, which is why providers need to find a way to understand their customers’ needs better. But to ensure that an insurance company is using the best CRM software for its operations, one must take a look at the major architectural components of the program before using it.   So what…

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