Month: November 2020

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5 Benefits of Using Task Management Software

By CommenceCRM / November 19, 2020

Project organization becomes increasingly complicated as a business grows, but modern project management software makes collaboration easier than ever. Task management software allows you to manage workflows, monitor deadlines, track resources, and more. So what are the key benefits of using an efficient task management software? Here are six reasons to start using project management software: Work compilation under a…

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The Ultimate Business Survival Skill

By Dave Kahle / November 18, 2020

Change We’re living in incredibly turbulent times.  Despite newspaper headlines proclaiming growing employment and an expanding economy, many business people admit to a pervasive feeling of uncertainty and confusion about their businesses. The well-spring of this uncertainty lies in one of the unique characteristics of the times in which we live – rapid change. The pace of change in our…

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The Difference Between Customer Segments and Customer Archetypes

By CommenceCRM / November 12, 2020

One major challenge marketing and sales teams face is how to organize the information they collect from consumers or end-users. As they review existing customer research, they may be overwhelmed by the research and design methods available. Should they segment their data? Do they create customer personas? What about archetypes? The challenge is to differentiate these tools to know which…

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Shattering the Myths About Social CRM

By CommenceCRM / November 5, 2020

Since the rise of the digital age, more and more ‘social customers’ are emerging everyday. These powerful social customers are composed of the 3.8 billion people actively participating on social media. With the explosive growth of these online platforms, companies find themselves scrambling to engage in ‘real’ dialogue and cater to customers on every social platform. Social customer relationship management…

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