Month: December 2019

CMS vs CRM diagram

What Is the Difference Between Contact Management Software and CRM

By CommenceCRM / December 31, 2019

Plenty of articles online equate contact management software (CMS) and customer relationship management software (CRM), which doesn’t guide you in choosing between the two. So, how is a CMS different from a CRM? Think of a CMS as a contact list: it gives you relevant information about people in your network. Now think of a CRM as a messaging app:…

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Sales funnel stages illustration

How to Make Your Sales Funnel Stages Run More Smoothly

By CommenceCRM / December 16, 2019

A sales funnel is more than just a metaphor: it’s a structure you can wield to organize your team’s efforts and propel your business forward. Whether you favor content marketing, social media advertising, or direct sales calls, a sales funnel can help your brand become its best self yet. So, how do you make sales funnel stages run smoothly? By…

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businessman working with digital tablet computer and smart phone

What Kind of Analysis You Can Perform On a Ticket Management System

By CommenceCRM / December 3, 2019

Ticket management systems are a great tool for tracking customer data. Without it, sales reps will be lost in thousands of questions and comments, without the information they need to give top-level service. But a ticketing hub isn’t just for improving brand perception and buyer experience. Performing analysis will unlock information that will pave the way for smart business decisions.…

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