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GPC Integrates Commence RM and QuickBooks

GPC Tech Team integrates Commence CRM with QuickbooksChesterland, Ohio – June 5, 2019   GPC Tech Team, a system integrator based in Ohio has announced that it is now offering a QuickBooks interface with Commence RM 7.0.  GPC Tech Team has been involved with Commence RM installations for more than a decade and has worked with more than 50 Commence RM databases.

“We found that several of the customers we were working with were interested in interfacing Commence RM with their QuickBooks accounting system,” says Matt Moormeier, President of GPC Tech Team “but because each one had a unique customized database the opportunity was just not big enough for Commence Corporation to invest in.  As a system integration company this is core to what we do so we got Commence Corporation’s blessing and began the first integration several months ago.  The customer had a high transaction volume that had to be manually entered into both systems, which took a lot of time and caused problems due to human error. The integration we did enabled them to export customer data, sales receipts, invoices and payments from Commence RM into QuickBooks. The system is working well, and the customer could not be happier.  We are about to start our second project and have asked Commence to introduce the QuickBooks integration to other desktop customers.”

If you would like to learn more about integrating Commence RM to QuickBooks, contact the GPC Tech Team at 440-394-9907 or via e-mail:  matt@gpctechteam.com

Disclaimer:  Commence Corporation does not sell the QuickBooks integration software, have any liability for its merchantability or fitness, or provide support services for it.  This is done directly by the GPC Tech Team.  Customers must be using Commence RM 7.0 for this integration service.