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Commence CRM Helps Businesses Focus on What They Do Best

When examining the CRM software landscape, Larry Caretsky knows his company, Commence Corporation, isn’t the biggest — and that’s perfectly fine.

Instead, he compares Commence to the likes of Volvo, a relatively small business competing against massive corporations 50 times larger.

“They basically found the thing they do better than everyone else,” said Larry, who is the President of Commence. “They’ve honed in on a feature, safety, and they’ve got the likes of GM and Ford on the defensive. If you’re interested in safety for your car, GM and Ford have to prove they’re at least as safe, or you’re not going to buy from them.”

For nearly 30 years, Commence has focused on providing superior customer service to small and medium businesses needing software to help manage contacts, sales, marketing, and support. Half of that time, according to Larry, industry experts have expected the company to not be able to compete with longtime CRM titans or high-tech startups; he enjoys proving them wrong.

“My firm has been able to prosper and grow over its 27 years because we’re really good at knowing what we do better than everyone else,” Larry said. “We compete against Microsoft, Salesforce, and a myriad of other CRM solution providers, and we’re still alive and growing. To have customers for 20-plus years in the tech industry is unheard of.

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About Commence:

Offering enterprise-grade functionality at small business pricing, Commence Corporation is a longtime leader in customer relationship management software. By using the company’s desktop or cloud CRM programs, businesses can track stats related to sales and satisfaction. Used by thousands of companies around the world, Commence provides valuable insights so clients can enhance customer interactions and increase profits. With a user base largely composed of small and medium businesses, Commence’s primary focus is on facilitating business success and growth.