Month: June 2019

GPC Tech Team integrates Commence CRM with Quickbooks

GPC Integrates Commence RM and QuickBooks

By CommenceCRM / June 6, 2019

Chesterland, Ohio – June 5, 2019   GPC Tech Team, a system integrator based in Ohio has announced that it is now offering a QuickBooks interface with Commence RM 7.0.  GPC Tech Team has been involved with Commence RM installations for more than a decade and has worked with more than 50 Commence RM databases. “We found that several of the…

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CRM Review: Commence CRM vs. Salesforce CRM

By CommenceCRM / June 3, 2019

Salesforce is the most recognized name in the CRM industry, but does that mean it’s the best solution for your business?  The answer depends on your requirements and the size and complexity of your business.   This report outlines some of the key differences between Salesforce and Commence CRM, one of the leading providers of CRM software for small and mid-size…

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