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Project Management Driving Increased Sales for Commence CRM

CRM + Project Management

Integration of Project Data is the Key

Every business has projects and the need to manage them. There is no shortage of project management applications in the industry to do this; but unlike other front office business processes (such as contact management, sales, and marketing) which are traditionally fully integrated, project management has always been viewed as a stand-alone application. It’s been this way for more than a decade, but this is now changing. Businesses no longer want to manage projects in a vacuum.  They want project details integrated with CRM.  One company that has taken a leadership position in this area is Commence Corporation, manufacturers of Commence CRM.

Commence is an “All-in-One CRM solution” which simply means it offers a broad scope of functionality for managing contacts, sales, leads, marketing, customer service, and now projects.  Already recognized as a top 20 most popular solution by Capterra (an industry leading analyst firm) the integration of the project management module further differentiates Commence CRM from the myriad of other CRM solutions.

What people like best about Commence CRM is that the product provides the user with a complete 360 degree profile of customer information including things like what they purchased, when they purchased, what they paid, an organizational chart of all contacts with a reporting structure, all service history, and now all project details for completed projects or those still in process.  The information is available with a single click and on a single screen. Project templates can be created for repetitive tasks and a graphical Gantt chart provides a snapshot of every project, along with every task and their start and stop dates.  The product also offers the ability to track the hours worked on every task and create time slips for billing purposes.

Commence has been providing high quality CRM software solutions to growing businesses for more than two decades and has a stellar track record not only for the quality of their products, but for the world class service they provide.

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