Month: August 2017

Coworker asks for help. Do you say "Let me do it for you." | Sandler Sales Training

Don’t Show Them How

By CommenceCRM / August 29, 2017

Are there tasks you do which you refuse to teach anyone else? Make the best use of your time by showing someone how to do something you do.

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Late Shipments.. Angry Customers.. How can I fix this? Sandler Sales Training

Haven’t Got Time To Explain It

By CommenceCRM / August 22, 2017

If there is one phrase that should be banned, this is it.

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Project Management Driving Increased Sales for Commence CRM

By CommenceCRM / August 18, 2017

Already recognized as a top 20 solution by Capterra, the integration of project management further differentiates Commence CRM from the myriad of other CRMs.

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Silver lining in the clouds.. Learn how to see it. It's the mark of a truly successful professional.

What’s the good news? Where is the silver lining?

By Dave Kahle / August 14, 2017

Negative situations always contain the seeds of positive opportunities. Here are three clouds with silver linings.

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Improve Performance with a Sales Plan

Make the Plan, Skip Some Steps

By CommenceCRM / August 8, 2017

Make a sales plan. Then follow the plan step-by-step and consistently make money. Skipping steps could lead to inconsistent performance.

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3 out of 4 sales people don't ask good questions. |

Prepare better questions for every important sales call

By Dave Kahle / August 4, 2017

There are two issues here: First, realizing the importance of using good questions effectively, and second, actually doing so.

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