By CommenceCRM

The Winning Formula for Increased Sales

Are you looking for the “Winning Formula” for improving how you market, sell, and provide service to your customers?  Well it’s going to require more than just a good CRM solution.  CRM is just a tool. It doesn’t run your business and it won’t automate internal business processes that don’t exist.

Many small to mid-size businesses have struggled to realize any measurable improvement in business performance with their CRM software. In fact, 73% have failed to get their software properly implemented and utilized.  Here’s why.

Very often small to mid-size businesses are challenged by a lack of resources or experienced personnel who can develop internal business processes for creating effective marketing campaigns, managing the sales cycle and efficiently responding to customer inquiries.  Buying a CRM won’t address this requirement. It’s like having the fastest race car on the track, but without an experienced driver and pit crew you’ll never win the race.

Commence Corporation has addressed this challenge by combining our top rated CRM software with a set of best practices created by a team of highly experienced professionals with more than 15 years of sales, marketing, and customer service expertise. The software automates key components of the business such as lead qualification and management, marketing campaigns, sales pipeline execution and forecasting, performance monitoring and reporting. Experienced mentors help to define, implement, and reinforce the internal processes that drive sales execution and business performance.

This is what differentiates Commence CRM from the competition. We don’t just sell CRM software. We provide the value added services necessary to deliver measurable results.  In fact, while we prefer you use our CRM solution, our best practices and experienced staff can help you to achieve measurable results with whatever CRM product you are using today. Call us at 1-877-COMMENCE to learn more.