By CommenceCRM

All in One CRM is the Way to Go

There is a new catch phrase in the CRM software industry and it’s called “All in One CRM”. It’s a clever term that does a very good job at differentiating the myriad of CRM solutions that are available today. While most CRM solutions provide you with the ability to manage accounts and contacts, capture notes, and produce a sales forecast, All in One CRM systems offer fully integrated departmental solutions for managing leads, documents, marketing, and customer service. A few of the mainstream CRM solutions like Commence CRM even offer an integrated Project Management application.

Simply stated, All in One CRM solutions offer more functionality than those designed for a specific purpose like contact management or sales opportunity management.

Popular CRM review sites such as G2Crowd.com have created two separate vendor quadrants to help customers with their selection process. There is a quadrant for general-purpose CRM solutions and one for All in One solutions. You will notice there are far fewer vendors in the All in One category.

All in One CRM Quadrant and General Purpose CRM Quadrant | G2Crowd.com

The benefits of going with an All in One CRM Solution are numerous assuming you need more functionality and flexibility than what the basic solutions offer.

Comprehensive Solutions

First, you will not have to worry about outgrowing an All in One CRM system because these products are robust and offer comprehensive functionality.

More Customization

All in One CRM systems are also much more customizable than general purpose ones which means they can more easily adapt to changes in business requirements.

Personalized Service

All in One CRM solution providers traditionally offer a variety of services simply not available from general purpose suppliers such as on-boarding and training to assist with third party system integration.

Flexible and Modular

The majority of All in One systems also offer a variety of packages or product editions so you can start small and grow into the other applications at a later time. This is quite appealing to businesses that are anticipating growth, but are not ready to implement the full suite of applications offered by these products.

I think we will see more organizations using All in One CRM as a classification to differentiate CRM product offerings. It’s a simple, but effective way to categorize CRM software.