Month: October 2016

The struggle with Do-It-Yourself CRM Software

Software Provider Addresses Failure of CRM Implementations

By CommenceCRM / October 26, 2016

Commence CRM’s Customer Engagement Program provides full service CRM management for small businesses that require assistance before, during, and after the sale.

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All in One CRM is the Way to Go

By CommenceCRM / October 17, 2016

All in One CRM solutions offer more functionality than those designed for a specific purpose like contact management or sales opportunity management.

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Dave Kahle's fundamental sales equation

Question and Answer #55 – My sales are down. What can I do?

By Dave Kahle / October 14, 2016

You’ll need to move outside of your comfort zones, become a whole lot more strategic, thoughtful, and better at what you do, and do some things differently.

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Sales Enablement is Key for Improving Sales Execution

By CommenceCRM / October 4, 2016

Improving sales execution requires a commitment to first define your sales process, automate it, then manage each phase of the sales cycle.

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