Month: June 2016

Salesforce Price Increase makes Alternatives Attractive

By CommenceCRM / June 20, 2016 has revealed new and more expensive versions of its products. Competitive solutions offer similar functionality at a substantially lower cost.

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Waterstreet Coffee Bar Meeting | Startup Stock Photos

Best Practices # 18: Using information about competitors

By CommenceCRM / June 15, 2016

The more knowledge you have of your competitors, the more equipped you are to present your own offerings in a positive light, and the more sales you will earn.

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Business etiquette for sales professional

Sales Question and Answer #34 – Business Manners

By CommenceCRM / June 6, 2016

Q. I’m new to sales. I don’t want to make a mistake that could cause problems. Are there any special rules for business etiquette that I should know about?

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