By CommenceCRM

Salesforce Price Increase makes Alternatives Attractive

Last year Salesforce.com introduced SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ) targeted at individuals and small businesses. This product replaced the company’s basic Group Edition, which was offered at $25 per user per month, but was viewed as a bit cumbersome and hard to use for small businesses. SalesforceIQ is a completely different product that offers basic functionality and a nicer user interface than the previous Group Edition; but like its predecessor, it is still limited to up to five users. With a completely different design and user interface it will be interesting to learn how customers can migrate to a more robust product edition should they wish to in the future?

Interestingly enough the company has also increased the price of the Sales Edition to $75 per user per month and its Enterprise Edition to $150 per user per month. These editions are now referred to as Lightning Professional and Lightning Enterprise Editions — Go Figure.

New Sales Cloud Lightning Editions pricing chart courtesy of Liz Herbert’s Blog | Forrester.com

This price increase is a bit surprising due to the increased competition from competitive solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Commence CRM, both of which offer similar functionality at a substantially lower cost. Perhaps Salesforce.com knows something others do not.