By CommenceCRM

How to Find the Best CRM for Your Startup

The Farm has just produced an article “How to Find the Best CRM for Your Startup.”

Find the very best CRM for your startup; Image 'Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photos-hands-desk-swatch' by Damian-zaleski

While the listing of CRM solution providers may be a good place to start, readers need to be aware that the article is void of some very important decision criteria. In addition, the assigned ratings appear to be based more on brand popularity than the vendor’s ability to address real business requirements. Here is what I mean.

First, the article lists several free CRM solutions which by design have very limited functionality or support services; yet they are rated higher than companies like Commence CRM that offer a comprehensive suite of applications (for sales, marketing, customer service and project management) and best practices to ensure the proper implementation and use of the software.

Their highest rated CRM is Salesforce.com, perhaps for name recognition and because this product is known to be rich in functionality. However, Salesforce.com is also expensive to purchase, difficult to implement and hard to use. That is anything but the number one choice for startups.

The article is simply a listing of the popular names in the CRM sector and there is nothing wrong with this. However, it would have more merit if it identified what value added services these solutions offer, if any, to their customers.

Smaller businesses and startups often have limited resources and as such need assistance from their CRM solution provider to guide them in implementing the best practices that will improve how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers. CRM software by itself will not achieve this so I would advise readers to make sure you fully understand what functionality and support services each of the vendors listed offers before you make your final decision.

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