Month: December 2014

Remarkable things happen when you refuse to discount

By CommenceCRM / December 23, 2014

Question and Answer for Sales People By Dave Kahle Q. Customers ask every year at “budget” time for us (as their main distributor) to give them a better discount. Will this ever stop? A. No. Q. How can we continue to grow when we keep giving away margin? A. Let’s think about this one together. If your margins are greater…

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Be ready to provide information to your customers

By CommenceCRM / December 15, 2014

Best Practice # 42: Has a systematic approach to collecting, processing, storing and accessing information about their products and services. By Dave Kahle Sometimes I am almost embarrassed to have to actually spend time describing some of these best practices. There are some that seem so blatantly obvious, so basic, that there can’t possibly be salespeople who don’t do them.…

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Commence CRM – Alternative

By CommenceCRM / December 1, 2014

Commence Corporation manufacturer of Commence CRM, has emerged as a high quality alternative to higher cost CRM solutions like The company has specifically targeted small to mid-size businesses that require more functionality and flexibility than traditional low cost CRM solutions can offer. Commence has become popular in companies of 10 to 100 users and has created a nice niche…

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