By CommenceCRM

What’s the Best CRM Software?

There is no such thing as the best CRM software.

There are several products that may address your business requirements better than others, but there is no top CRM solution or best CRM system.  Sorry to disappoint you. There is a lot of hype in this industry sector and millions spent on marketing and branding, but the best CRM software for you is the system that best meets your current and future business requirements. It’s that simple.

Mid-sized enterprises and large corporations understand this. Smaller businesses tend to make their decision based more on name recognition and price than on business requirements.  If I said Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best CRM solution no one would argue, or perhaps the folks at might. Now if I said Commence CRM was the best I am sure this would generate a few replies such as “Who?!”  That’s because companies like Commence do not sell into the enterprise market or have the marketing budget of a Microsoft or But if I told you this company has been servicing the customer management software requirements of small to mid-size companies for more than two decades and has several thousand customers around the world this might get your attention.  You see my point?

While I do not know your specific business requirements, I can offer some advice with regard to your selection of a CRM solution.

  1. Buy from a trusted name, but not necessarily the most branded name. For example, say you are a small business in the recruiting industry and you have uncovered a CRM solution that successfully addresses similar requirements to yours; they may be a better fit than Microsoft CRM – even if they are not as well known.
  2. How long has the company been in business?  This is a scary industry and many of the current CRM solutions providers may not be around in the near term. Find one that has had staying power and a large customer base.
  3. Ask where your data is. Most of the newer CRM solutions are cloud-based which means someone else is storing your data somewhere. Find out where and make sure it’s a world class hosting service that will be protecting your data.
  4. Does anyone answer the phone when you call?  Many low cost CRM solution providers only provide e-mail support, probably because they don’t have the staff to support your business.  How comforting is that?
  5. Product enhancements – should you expect any? Will there be any? The technology sector moves at the speed of light. You will want to partner with a solution provider that continues to invest in their product, and protects your investment in theirs.

Good luck and good hunting.