By CommenceCRM

Don’t Let Quality Leads Slip Away: Executive Takes Action with CRM Software

Slipping AwayLarry Caretsky, Commence CEO, has released the white paper “Don’t Let Quality Leads Slip Away: Executive Takes Action with CRM Software.”  

Here’s an excerpt including the introduction and you can download the full white paper below:

“As a sales executive of a computer software firm, I became consistently frustrated when comparing the number of leads that we generated every quarter to the number of new business opportunities we closed. Something just didn’t add up so I decided to dig into this and find out what was going on…

The project was driven by our internal requirements and the frustration shared by so many executives I had interviewed who were looking to address this business challenge.”

Click to view or download the full CRM Whitepaper.

Image by Ben Andreas Harding on Flickr under Creative Commons license.