By CommenceCRM

4 Reasons Why [CRM] Software Purchases Fail

Joe Stangarone, of mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog, gives some great advice about how to avoid being in a “blame” meeting for a failed IT project or failed software purchase:

Have you ever been in a “blame” meeting? It’s one of those meetings called when numbers are down or after a project or purchase failed miserably. As you might guess, there’s a lot of finger pointing and blame spreading. Not only are these meetings painful, they are completely unproductive. Since everyone is too busy deflecting blame, no one learns from their mistakes.

This article has some good advice and mirrors the points we have discussed on our blog many times, about how we help customers have successful CRM software implementations. It all depends on the people, training, process, and commitment that you make to your new CRM solution. And Commence has great experience in helping companies do this successfully.