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CRM Software – No Training Required

Hard at Work

Got your attention haven’t I and isn’t this exactly what small businesses want to hear?  It sure is and it’s the “tag line” of the majority of CRM vendors who sell to the small to mid-size business community.  Why?  Because it’s the only way to sell to this segment of the industry and it works.

No one wants to hear that they have to invest time in training or customization to address their business requirements.  The darn thing should just work out of the box and make my organization a more efficient sales and service organization.

The Myth of Low Cost CRM

Thousands of small to mid-size businesses have jumped on the CRM bandwagon due to the plethora of low cost CRM systems that you can simply download in minutes over the internet. Despite documented reports that as many as 70 percent of these companies fail to realize any measurable results they continue to buy these programs anyway.

What is it about CRM software that leaves this false impression – that you can improve how you market, sell and provide service to your customers by simply buying an online CRM system over the Internet?   More importantly what makes smart people believe this?

The Truth about CRM

Here are a couple of facts to think about…

Fact: CRM software is a tool

Not unlike a hammer or saw, it requires people to take hold of the tool and do something constructive with it.  By itself the tool does nothing.

Fact: Easy CRM is not the same as Functional CRM

If the CRM software you select is incredibly easy to use, it probably will not provide much value to you.  Certainly if you’re looking to simply get rid of your Excel spreadsheet and get a database of accounts and contacts you will be fine. But if you require much more than this then forget-about-it.

A Successful CRM Implementation is More Affordable than you Think

One CRM software firm that is having a great deal of success in the small business CRM sector is Commence Corporation.  Commence offers an affordable online CRM solution that has proven to help small businesses improve sales execution and customer service, but it’s not downloadable over the Internet.

In addition, Commence strongly suggests that its customers take advantage of the company’s expertise in sales, marketing and customer service by engaging in what Commence calls its on-boarding program. The on-boarding program ensures that Commence customers realize immediate value from their solution. The program engages the professional services team at Commence to tailor the CRM system to meet your unique business requirements and then train your staff on CRM workflow automation.  It’s a small one time investment that returns measurable results and has helped catapult Commence to a leadership position among small to mid-size businesses seeking customer relationship management software.

Image “Hard at Work” by Will Vanlue on Flickr under Creative Commons license.