By CommenceCRM

Commence Automates Lead Management Process with Flexible CRM Program

Commence Corporation, a leading provider of online CRM software, is helping small to mid-size businesses tackle the grueling process of lead generation, lead qualification and lead management. “This is one of the biggest challenges facing the SMB sector” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation.  “Many of these firms do not have highly experienced sales management or their sales staff may not have worked with automated programs like CRM software before. As a result, there are a lot of manual processes in place that work but are highly inefficient and costing these companies time and money.”

Commence is addressing this challenge by coupling a set of services and best practices with the company’s CRM software. The services include helping companies create targeted marketing campaigns that are generated and executed right from within the CRM software. Once the leads are generated they are color coded and placed in specific categories which automatically determine how they will be managed going forward. Highly qualified leads are immediately turned over to the sales team. Others are placed in an automatic “drip marketing” program that automatically sends information to these prospects on a pre-set timetable – traditionally weekly, monthly or quarterly.

The lead management process is highly effective and ensures your sales organization is focused on new business opportunities that have a chance to close in the near term. The remaining leads are automatically nurtured by the Commence CRM system.

Commence offers an array of professional services that have served to differentiate the company from competitive CRM firms that only sell software.