By CommenceCRM

Best Small Business CRM 2013

Small businesses have the same challenges as larger businesses. They want to improve how they market, sell and provide services to their customers. They want a dashboard that provides a snapshot of current business activity and they want real time reporting so that they can make informed business decisions.

CRM software offers an array of automation that can meet this challenge, but smaller businesses have one disadvantage larger firms do not, and that’s resources.   Due to the low cost of newer online CRM software programs that you can purchase and download over the internet, smaller business have been purchasing CRM software in record numbers and failing just as quickly with them.  Why?  The answer is simple. They are not prepared to make the investment to ensure that the CRM system gets properly implemented and utilized.

Becoming a more efficient sales and service organization isn’t just about buying a CRM system.  It’s about automating internal business processes that in many small businesses don’t exist.  So now you have a CRM system and don’t really know what to do with it so it becomes shelf-ware.  In addition, many of the lower cost CRM systems offer only basic functionality which is why they are so cheap.  Businesses that select these free or low cost solutions are often quickly disappointed when they cannot meet their business requirements.

One of the leading small business CRM companies that services the small to mid-size community is Commence Corporation.  “What has made Commence CRM a leader among small businesses is not just the software” says Tom Gibson, the company’s sales manager, “but the value added services we provide. Many of the firms that select us are looking for guidance in establishing a structured approach or methodology for managing leads and the sales process.  It’s new to them and a sales process has to be established first before it can be automated.  Our professional services staff can help customers implement business processes in sales, marketing and customer service. Because the software is so flexible it can be tailored to meet unique vertical industry requirements and ensures that new business processes are adopted by the customer’s staff.” says Gibson. “The impact is substantial and is often the difference between realizing a return on investment and shelf-ware.”   To learn more about Commence CRM, visit the company website at commenceaug202.wpengine.com.