By CommenceCRM

Lead Management Tool Helps Close More Business

hot-warm-coldLeads are the bread and butter of every company. Properly capturing and managing leads can make the difference between closing more business or wasting time on tire kickers.  Despite this, most small to mid-size companies do not have an efficient process for lead management and conversion.  The good news is that they can.

The process of capturing, managing and converting leads can be easily addressed using online CRM solutions like Commence CRM.  Commence is a lead management solution that automates the process of lead management and lead conversion.

Leads can be generated from multiple marketing channels such as trade shows, direct mail, e-mail campaigns, customer referrals or cold calls.  Once captured, systems like Commence classify the leads by placing them in individual buckets. This allows you to determine which of your marketing campaigns is producing the best results.


Cold Leads categorized by Marketing Source and color-coded ranking


The lead management tool then helps to qualify each lead by color-coding them according to pre-defined criteria. Leads can be red for hot, yellow for warm and blue for cold.   The color-coding serves two functions.

  • First, it ensures that your sales team is working on qualified new business opportunities; those colored red.
  • Secondly, it enables you to take the warm and cold leads that are not ready to make a decision or engage with your sales team and place them in an automated lead follow-up program.

Automated Lead Followup


The automated lead follow-up system sends out a marketing email message on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The message can contain product information, customer testimonials or news clips for example about your product or service. This ensures that these warm and cold leads are being nurtured without robbing valuable selling time from your sales team.