By CommenceCRM

Maintaining Price Points in 2013 Challenging for CRM Vendors

cut priceA lot has changed in the past 24 months in the CRM sector.  Increased competition at all levels has created a commodity market where price points have fallen drastically and vendors are struggling to renew their agreements with existing customers.  Perhaps most affected by this is the once dominant Salesforce.com who was first to market with a cloud based offering for account management and sales software.  Being first to market enabled Salesforce.com to establish a high entry price for their product which many companies were happy to pay. But that was then and the market for CRM software has changed substantially in the past two years.  So much so that Salesforce has now set its sights in other areas for growth, such as unified communications and social CRM.  This has opened the door to pure play online CRM providers who are now signing up customers that two years ago would have gone to Salesforce.com.  One of these companies is Commence Corporation.  The company offers a comprehensive CRM solution at a substantially reduced cost.  With the economy hammering the small to mid-size community, these businesses are all too happy to see a high quality product like Commence CRM enter the race.

Commence CRM is recognized as a top 10 solution for small to mid-size businesses. What differentiates Commence CRM from competitive products is a combination of unique product features coupled with an array of professional services.  “Smaller businesses want to compete with the same tools and business applications as the big guys” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “With Commence they can, but there is one thing big companies have that the smaller ones do not, and that’s experienced resources.  Smaller organizations often have limited resources in the marketing department and may not have seasoned sales managers or customer service personnel.  Commence has an experienced team of marketing, sales and service professionals who provide advice and counsel to our customers. This ensures that they realize the maximum value from our CRM software and get a measurable return on their investment.  Few companies serving the SMB sector can offer this” says Caretsky “and it has resulted in improved business performance for our customers.”

Commence CRM is utilized by small to mid-size firms across numerous industries and is functionally competitive with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com. Companies that have selected Commence CRM have indicated that the product’s user interface, cost of ownership and quality customer service were driving factors in their decision.

To learn more about Commence, contact the sales department at commenceaug202.wpengine.com and ask for your free trial.

Image by Russell Davies on Flickr under Creative Commons license.