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Commence CRM Makes Mobile Computing Easy

Apple iPad 2

The mobile device market is booming.  2012 will be the year that mobile devices, specifically tablets, end up as holiday gifts for more people than ever before. While many of these tablets will be used mainly as social media devices, more and more companies are beginning to outfit their field sales and service personnel with tablets for business use.

What does this mean for CRM solution providers?  Well cloud based CRM providers like Commence Corporation are paying very close attention to the mobile explosion and understand that the use of these devices for business purposes will continue to grow.

The challenge for online CRM providers like Commence is to ensure that the data is not only accessible from any device, but is also properly formatted for that device.  To support this Commence CRM requires nothing more than an internet browser to access customer information. Secondly, Commence has resized the software to meet the size and space limitations of the mobile device industry.  Today’s next generation Tablets for example range in size from 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches in diameter.  Data displayed on a 10 inch screen may not format properly on a 7 inch screen unless it is resized for that device.  Commence has ensured this so that users can properly conduct business on any size device.

One of the other nice features of Commence CRM is that mobile access is free with every edition of the product.  Now that’s something no one will complain about.  To learn more about Commence online CRM software visit the company’s web site at

Image “Apple iPad 2” by IntelFreePress on Flickr under Creative Commons license.