By CommenceCRM

Best Lead Management Software is Commence CRM

Managing and qualifying leads is a serious matter in today’s highly competitive market. Poor lead qualification means that your highest cost resource (i.e. your sales team) is spending valuable time and money on sales opportunities that either never close because they were poorly qualified or if they do close, they do not return the margin you need to stay in business. So what do you do? You can’t buy you way out of this problem by hiring the best sales people in the country that are experienced qualifiers, but you can fix the problem quickly and efficiently for just a few dollars a month. How?! By implementing a lead management system from Commence Corporation.  Each new business opportunity is properly qualified — not by the experience level of the sales representative, but instead by an automated process the rates and color codes each new lead based on a set of pre-determined criteria.

Built into Commence CRM is an automated business process that ensures that the sales team completes a series of questions to determine if the lead is highly qualified, has future potential or is simply a bad fit. The questions and appropriate responses are created by management and are completely customizable.


Lead Qualification in Commence CRM

Based on the responses entered by the sales representative the system will immediately determine how qualified the lead is and enable the sales representative to determine the path forward. Highly qualified leads color coded red require immediate follow-up, while those rated yellow or blue can be placed in an automated marketing campaign of follow-up program. This is also automated within Commence CRM and ensures that those leads that are not highly qualified continue to receive information about the company’s products and services until such time that they become highly qualified or ask to be removed from future mailings. Either way Commence CRM ensures that there is a future path for every new business opportunity and that not a single one falls through the cracks. See more details and a video about this unique lead qualification and scoring solution.