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Commence Offers Best in Class CRM Cloud Hosting Service

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Cloud Hosted CRM

Selecting a cloud based CRM solution can be challenging. There are literally hundreds of options ranging from free open source programs to complex enterprise offerings.  While features and functions traditionally differentiate one product form another one of the most overlooked criteria when selecting these systems is the hosting component.  What’s even more perplexing is that fact that many small to mid-size companies don’t seem to care.  Many simply view cloud computing as a commodity.  The cloud is the cloud it’s all the same, but it’s not.

Where and who manages your data may in fact be more important than the CRM software program you select, particularly if you are purchasing a low cost service from an unknown CRM software provider.  The hosting and service component of your decision is very important because if the CRM vendor or hosting service provider goes out of business, you may have just lost your complete customer base.

Mainstream cloud based CRM systems like Commence CRM and  Salesforce.com for example use best in class hosting services that provide back-up and recovery services, virus protection, 24/7 management and even the ability to host your data at more than one location if desired.  These are important decision criteria and often do not cost any more than low cost CRM solutions providers that do not offer this service.  So be smart and make the hosting service a critical component of your decision process.

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