By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Reviewers Guide Making an Impact on Sales

Every company interested in selecting online CRM software wants to make sure they are making the right decision by fully understanding the capabilities and limitations of the products they are evaluating. This can be a challenging task for the person or people chosen to complete the evaluations.

Commence Corporation is realizing a great deal of success with their CRM offering by providing potential customers with an Evaluation Guide designed specifically to review the core features of the product and by highlighting several of the features that differentiate Commence CRM from the competition.  “The value here is that we have made it easy for customers to review our software” says Tom Gibson, sales manager at Commence.  “Each section of the guide starts off with a review or discussion of the feature. This is followed by an actual test drive where the reviewer is provided with instructions to test the feature. The guide has made it easy for customers to see the potential of how Commence CRM can be used within their company to improve sales execution and customer service.  The feedback has been great” says Gibson, “and sales have picked up nicely.”

Commence Corporation serves small to mid-size enterprises with a robust CRM solution that rivals programs like Salesforce.com and Microsoft CRM while being easier to use and more affordable. Commence fits squarely between the low-end CRM programs that provide contact management and a sales forecast but little in the way of reporting and customizability, and higher end solutions that are costly and difficult to use.  Commence is a cloud based CRM offering that operates online over the Internet.  A customer support application along with project management, social CRM and full mobile support has also helped Commence to differentiate their offering in this competitive market space.