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Commence CRM Surpasses the Competition with New Activity Management Feature

Commence CRM, well known for its robust functionality and affordable price continues to surpass its competition with new features that provide real value to customers. One of the most recent enhancements affects the activity management module. There is nothing exciting about activity management, but Commence has added a fun easy to use feature that customers are applauding.

Accessible Communication. It's the Law!

Activity Management CRM

Commence CRM now offers a rich text editor within the CRM system which enables you to make your task list stand out with color and bold formatting. Just select a word or paragraph and change the font, text, color or background. It’s fun, easy to use and allows you to use color to prioritize your task list.


Activity Management view in Commence CRM

The rich text formatting toolbar is available in Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, and includes shortcuts to popular styles and formats such as bold, italics, and underlining similar to Microsoft Word.


Task details in Commence CRM are enhanced using the Rich Text Format Toolbar

Easy-to-use CRM Feature Highlights

Shortcut buttons on the toolbar give you easy access to:

  • Create lists and step-by-step details with the BULLET and NUMBERING tools
  • INDENT paragraphs or OUTDENT paragraphs
  • Choose between LEFT, CENTERED, OR RIGHT ALIGNED text for each paragraph
  • Insert TABLES to neatly display rows and columns of data
  • Place HORIZONTAL LINES in your notes to create sections
  • Use the HYPERLINK button to create interactive content right within your activity notes. Add clickable URL links to open an http website, a secure https site, ftp site, news group, and other internet addresses.
  • Email addresses are converted to live and clickable MAILTO: addresses, allowing you to quickly send an email message to that recipient.


Drop-downs menus on the formatting toolbar make it easy to set your font, font size, and choose from a variety of font styles and paragraph formats including 6 heading levels!

This activity management feature is just another example of Commence’s commitment to continuing to enhance our CRM software through new and innovative features.

Image “Accessible Communication. It’s the Law!” by Giulia Forsythe on Flickr under Creative Commons license.

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