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Sales Tracking Software is Essential

Jim Whitehurst: 20th century companies are already hiring 21st century employees

For the 21st Century Salesperson

Trying to keep track of leads, prospects and sales is a huge challenge for any sales professional, and requires great organizational skills. Keeping several files and applications, databases and spreadsheets, which require regular updates, can take up precious time and allow sales to slip away. This is why having  CRM software is needed to efficiently track sales in an organization.

The benefits of a unified database where all client information is readily available, is a necessity for any sales person in the 21st century. Having one CRM software package that allows you to log every detail involving your accounts and contacts is necessary when talking about customer relationship management and tracking sales and their progress. Having one system which also offers reminders and to do lists and even integrates with your email and calendar to prompt you with reminders, will give you an edge over your competitors, particularly in your customers’ eyes.

Technology is no longer a luxury investment for today’s salesperson; it is a necessity.  Having a CRM system that streamlines the front office business processes is a great tool. What is even greater, for sales people on the move, is mobile access to that system, a great asset when meeting clients out of the office or working from home. When meeting a customer or a prospective client you need as much information as possible at your fingertips in order to close the sale.

Sales professionals need more than just contact information to manage a complex sales process, but the key is having this information in one place, rather than spread across emails, spread sheets and several documents. Having one software package to overlook your entire sales process means you can manage the entire sales cycle, keep a record of every interaction to manage and track customer relationships, manage and track pipeline opportunities and generate reports to accurately forecast and analyze your sales.

Having sales tracking software means you will achieve more with your customers in less time, drive more business and close more deals. Not only are you improving your own sales process, you are improving your customer’s buying experience also.  The most important factor when closing a sale is your customer’s satisfaction. Customers want to feel valued, and a CRM system will help you make them feel remembered and appreciated.

Image “Jim Whitehurst: 20th century companies are already hiring 21st century employees” by on Flickr under Creative Commons license.