By CommenceCRM

Use Online CRM Software to Connect With Your Customers

You have probably heard the old saying: “Leave your customers alone and they will go away“. In today’s business environment staying in touch with your customers is paramount to achieving a level of service that drives customer loyalty. While the human touch is important for building rapport and ensuring that your customers are pleased with your product or service, CRM software is now playing an important role in complementing the human side of the service equation.

Quality CRM systems now have a customer service component built into them that includes things such as a knowledgebase and frequently asked questions. Using a secure customer portal, customers can gain access to valuable information about your products or services 24/7. This means customer service is always available morning, noon and night.

Another component of CRM software is the ability to generate direct mail or bulk e-mail campaigns. Many online CRM systems enable you to create e-mail marketing programs such as quarterly new letters, product tips and techniques or what’s new at our company to ensure that you are staying in touch with your customers. Advanced CRM systems like Commence CRM offer the ability to schedule these mailings in advance. This allows you to create what’s known as “drip marketing” whereby you can periodically send out information to your customers on a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule. Of course there is no better vehicle for staying in touch with your customers than making a personal phone call, but having a CRM system assist in the sales process makes good business sense.