Month: October 2011

Sales Practices: Question and Answer #4

By CommenceCRM / October 26, 2011

Be thoughtful and strategic about the investment of your time in your customers.

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Sales Best Practice #21 – Uses an effective system for making appointments

By CommenceCRM / October 13, 2011

The best sales people have thought deeply about the best way to acquire appointments, and have put together a system made up of processes, practices and tools.

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Building a Professional Reputation with Your Customers

By CommenceCRM / October 7, 2011

The world is full of sales people who focus on their product instead of
the customer. Don’t do that.

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Sales Managers Find Good Value in Commence CRM

By CommenceCRM / October 6, 2011

The efficient management of a sales organization is no easy task these days particularly when members of your team may work in remote locations or outside your country of origin.  Lead capture and distribution, and the management of the sales cycle become more difficult if you don’t have the proper tools and processes in place to support remote management.  Companies…

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Best CRM Software for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

By CommenceCRM / October 5, 2011

Small to mid-size businesses are turning to CRM software to help them capture and distribute leads, manage the sales process, and take advantage of cost effective bulk e-mail marketing to promote their products and services.

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