By CommenceCRM

Sales Managers Find Good Value in Commence CRM

manage remote sales team analyticsThe efficient management of a sales organization is no easy task these days particularly when members of your team may work in remote locations or outside your country of origin.  Lead capture and distribution, and the management of the sales cycle become more difficult if you don’t have the proper tools and processes in place to support remote management.  Companies with this challenge are turning to web based CRM software programs like Commence CRM to help automate the sales and lead management process.

Commence is a cloud based CRM solution that is targeted at mid-size companies and small enterprises that have outgrown traditional contact management software. These businesses now require robust lead management, sales management and marketing campaign management functionality.  What sales managers have found particularly interesting about Commence CRM is the product’s automated business processes that enable the capture and automatic distribution of leads and the ability to rate and color code leads based on specific criteria. Red colored leads represent qualified opportunities, yellow promising new opportunities and blue are ones just starting the sales process.  This unique feature ensures that sales representatives are always working on the most qualified opportunities and not chasing tire kickers.

Lead Qualification and Scoring View zoom

Commence CRM also incorporates an automated organization chart that details the reporting structure of every lead and account, and highlights the person name, title, telephone number and e-mail.  This allows sales managers to assist in the sales process and quickly identify the economic buyer and influencers within any organization.

OrgChart Reporting Structure

Org Chart helps you identify the key contacts

Commence CRM is clearly focused on helping companies improve the management of leads and the selling process and offers functionality not available in competitive offerings such as Microsoft CRM and Salesforce.com. For more information about Commence CRM software, visit the company’s web site at commenceaug202.wpengine.com and ask for a free trial.