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Mid-Size Firms Find Commence CRM Features & Pricing Alluring

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Mid size companies and small enterprises looking for an easy to use feature rich CRM solution are turning their attention to Commence Corporation’s cloud based CRM software.  Commence is no stranger to the CRM sector and has been providing customer management and sales management software to growing businesses for more than two decades.

Better known for their desktop CRM solutions, Commence is an up and comer in the cloud CRM race and is becoming a welcome competitor against high priced competitors like

While price is a strong consideration when selecting a CRM system, it’s Commence CRM’s feature set which is attracting new customers.   Right out of the gate users experience a cosmetically appealing user interface that is clean, easy to navigate and easy to use. While most CRM solutions are identical with regard to managing accounts and contacts, Commence offers an array of unique features that quickly differentiate it from competitive products.  One of these features is an account rating system that enables customers to color code their customers based on a set of pre-defined criteria such as revenue, profitability, cost to provide service and growth potential. This provides management and all authorized staff the ability to quickly see who their best customers are by viewing a single screen.

Account Rating Screen

Account Rating Screen

Another unique feature of Commence CRM is an automated organization chart that identifies each member of the organization, their title, e-mail, telephone and who they report to. Sales executives and support personnel have found this extremely useful in identifying who the appropriate person is within the client’s organization.

Organization Chart

Built-in Organization Chart

Commence has also incorporated a Lead Scoring feature in the leads module.  Similar to the account scoring feature above, leads can be rated, scored and color coded based on how qualified they are.  This ensures that the sales team is laser focused on the most promising new opportunities vs. chasing tire kickers.

Lead Qualification and Scoring View zoom

Lead Qualification and Scoring View

Commence CRM software offers a suite of fully integrated applications for account and contact management, sales lead management, marketing and customer support. In addition, the product has a project management application and an accounting interface. Email integration with MS Outlook, Gmail, and Entourage along with full mobile capability is also part of Commence CRM software.  Commence CRM may be deployed on PC’s or Mac in a cloud or on-premise environment.

To learn more about Commence CRM software visit the company’s web site at or call Commence Sales at 1-877- 266-6362.