Month: January 2010

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” does not apply to your customer relationship management application programs

By CommenceCRM / January 25, 2010

Much of today’s small business for profit and not-for-profit application software was written over a decade ago. The million dollar question is: Are these applications still worth running ? Considering all of the technology innovation that has occurred since then, can we expect an application designed and built with yesterday’s technology for yesterday’s business world to fit today’s? The answer…

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Don’t Make a CRM Buying Mistake : 7 Points to Consider Before Selecting Your CRM Solution

By CommenceCRM / January 20, 2010

Get this free Business to Business (B2b) report about how to choose the right business CRM solution for your needs.

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Want to Win Sales? You need to Differentiate

By CommenceCRM / January 8, 2010

Sure it’s tough out there. There is no doubt about it.  In today’s environment no matter what you are selling there are dozens of competitors calling on your prospects and making similar claims.  So how can you differentiate yourself from the pack? I have some recommendations. As an executive of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software firm I understand competition. …

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Commence Corporation Announces Video Series

By CommenceCRM / January 4, 2010

Commence Corporation, one of the leading providers of Customer Relationship Management software for small to mid-size businesses, has announced the release of the first in a series of product and training videos for prospects and customers.  The first video provides a brief overview of Commence Corporation’s web based CRM offering along with customer testimonials and is now available on the…

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