Upgrade Steps for Commence Workgroups


In a Commence RM workgroup, the server and all clients must be running the same version.  The steps in this article are a guide to ensure that the existing workgroup is taken offline in an orderly manner and that no loss of data occurs during the process.  These instructions refer to topics in the Commence Server Guide (svrguide.pdf) which is installed with the program.


Please follow these topics as referenced in the Commence Server Guide. Page numbers below assume you are viewing the server PDF online.

SERVER UPDATE: Backup your Commence server and install the updates here first

  • “Backup All Shared Databases at the Commence Server” on page 16
  • “Shut Down the Commence Server” on page 16
  • “Run ComAdmin” on page 16
  • “Upgrade the Commence Server” on page 16
  • “License Administration and Activation” on page 17
  • (optional) “Install Workgroup Expert” on page 17
  • “Launch the Commence Server” on page 17

CLIENT UPDATES: Backup each client and try to install the update within a few days of the server

  • “Backup every Client Database” on page 16
  • Verify Client Databases are up to date with Outlook Synchronization, if using.
  • “Upgrade Client Workstations” on page 17


  • Commence RM 8.1
  • Commence RM 8.0
  • Commence RM 7.1
  • Commence RM 7.0