Sales and Marketing Training

Commence Sales Enablement Program

You’re not selling enough new business, leads are falling through the cracks, your forecasts are not accurate and things are just not getting better. You need to do something right NOW – so you are considering a CRM system. Well, here is some advice. You’re going to need more than CRM software to address these requirements. You need a “Sales Enablement Program”.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales Enablement is just a more efficient way to do things. It’s about streamlining the internal business processes that enable you to capture and track every lead, automate and manage the sales cycle and get real time updates of where every new business opportunity is in the funnel. It’s also about formulating a sales plan, investing in marketing automation and ensuring that your sales team has the tools and collateral they need to efficiently interact with customers and prospects in a real time environment because that’s is what’s required to be successful today. A successful Sales Enablement Program requires integrating people, processes and technology for improved business performance.


What We Do

Commence doesn’t just sell CRM software. We combine our top rated software with Best Practices and Sales Mentoring that puts your sales organization in complete control of the sales process. The software manages key components of the sales cycle; lead qualification, opportunity management, pipeline execution, performance monitoring and forecasting. Experience sales mentors help to define, implement and reinforce a proven sales methodology for managing and mastering the selling process.

What You Get By Teaming Up With Commence

Commence will deliver a systematic approach to selling that enables you to ramp up fast. It includes a “Quick Start” game plan with contemporary techniques, tools and professional guidance that will build brand awareness, improve lead flow, drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships. It’s the winning formula for achieving measureable results and what differentiates Commence CRM from the competition.

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Commence Marketing Enablement Program

You need more leads, but you are struggling to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns that drive new business. It’s critical to the growth of your business, but you don’t have the time or the resources to do it and you cannot afford expensive marketing software or a high priced marketing professional.

Just imagine if you could have access to marketing software and marketing professionals that work specifically for you, generating targeted marketing campaigns, writing content and blog articles, building a presence on social sites, generating display ads, and creating mass e-mails that produce new business opportunities.

Well, now you can. Commence Corporation has introduced an affordable marketing enablement program that combines our CRM marketing software with professional marketing expertise. You get access to a professional staff of marketing personnel that will help define your value proposition, then create the proper marketing mix that will communicate this to prospective customers, resulting in an increase in visibility, building brand recognition and driving new business opportunities.


The Commence Marketing Enablement program has been specifically designed to leverage the power of our software and the marketing expertise we can deliver to your business. You can’t do it alone and even the best CRM software requires human resources to properly define your message, create content for distribution, generate a presence on social sites and create bulk e-mail campaigns. We have an affordable solution for businesses striving to address this critical requirement.

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