Software Licensing Info

The Commence Desktop software is available under an annual software subscription agreement often referred to as software as a service. Software as a service enables customers to begin using the Commence software without a large cash outlay while also providing the flexibility of adding additional licenses or reducing the number at the end of the annual term. The software as a service agreement also provides customers with all product updates and enhancements during the contract period providing the comfort of knowing that you are always working the latest version of the software.

Customers who may have a perpetual license have the right to use that specific version of the product in perpetuity.  Those that have renewed and paid for annual software maintenance (product updates and enhancements) each year, are entitled to utilize the most current version of the product under the terms and conditions of the perpetual license agreement and may purchase additional licenses of the software at the then current rate for new licenses.

Customers who have let their annual software maintenance lapse can still upgrade the product as long as the product version they wish to upgrade has not been discontinued or identified as “End of Life”. The cost of the upgrade will be at the “then current” rate for using the software under a software as a service subscription agreement.

Customer support is only available for the latest version of the product and requires the purchase of a service agreement.  Contact Commence Sales at 877-COMMENCE for any questions regarding the above.