By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Customer Profile Software Is Winning New Customers

The CRM Software industry is highly competitive and dominated by several large enterprise companies. Despite this, Commence Corporation, manufacturer of Commence CRM, is making a name for itself with a unique capability that is delivering exceptional value to its customers.

Commence CRM enables businesses to segment prospects and customers based on a specific set of like kind criteria such as industry, size, geography, revenue, number of employees, SIC code and more. The system then creates a series of mini databases, each segmented based on the categories above. Commence refers to this as Customer Profile software and it enables customers to tailor how they market, sell, and provide service to their customers based on the category they reside in. The product also provides the ability to search by keyword within each category thereby fine tuning like kind prospects and customers even more. Commence hopes to offer additional customer segmentation capabilities using artificial intelligence in the future, but for now customers seem to be enjoying this unique capability today.

Segmenting customers is as easy as adding a category with a single click then importing like kind customers into the new category. Customers can be moved from one category to another in bulk or individually.

While Commence has mastered customer profile software, the product also offers a suite of business applications that rival enterprise level products costing much more. Applications are available for sales and lead management, marketing campaign management, help desk ticketing with a customer portal, project management, analytics, email integration and of course mobile access. Interested parties can request a free trial at commence.com.