Month: August 2023

What Happened to Character?

By Dave Kahle / August 25, 2023

In a recent training session, I recommended to a group of sales managers that they hire their next salesperson on the basis of that person’s character, rather than his/her skill, experience or knowledge. A couple of them looked like Bambi being caught by a pair of headlights on a dark night in the middle of the road. The thought I…

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Navigating Complexity In a Rapidly Changing World – An Analogy

By Dave Kahle / August 8, 2023

I just received a notice to upgrade one of my software programs from version 7.9.1 to the latest – version 7.9.2.  You know the drill, as it happens almost daily. Log in to your computer and you’re almost immediately confronted with the latest upgrades. ‘Click here to download the latest version. I appreciate the software publishers continually improving their products. …

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Commence Corporation Addresses Small Business Marketing Challenge

By CommenceCRM / August 2, 2023

Running a small to mid-size business is no easy task and when it comes to generating new business things can often get harder. That’s because producing new business opportunities requires experienced sales and marketing resources and sales automation tools that many of these businesses simply don’t have. “There is clearly a gap in the small to mid-size business community” says…

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