Month: June 2023

How well does your organization learn?

By Dave Kahle / June 16, 2023

What may be the single most important predictor of an organization’s long-term business development and survival is that organization’s ability to learn. In a world that is changing more rapidly today than at any previous time in human history, the consistent practice of learning is the only sustainable long-term strategy. Products will come and go with increasing short life spans,…

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Five Ways to Prevent the Price Objection

By Dave Kahle / June 13, 2023

“Your price is too high!”  The infamous price objection.  Wouldn’t sales be a great profession if we could somehow wipe it out and never hear it again? Unfortunately, that will never happen.  Too many of the people with whom we deal are paid to get the best deal they can.  And that means asking for a better price, even when…

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