Month: March 2023

How do You Provide a Solution when Selling a Commodity?

By Dave Kahle / March 29, 2023

Question:  How do you provide a solution when selling a commodity? Answer:  Great question.  On the surface, it seems almost like a contradiction in terms – “If it’s a commodity, how can it be a solution?” Before I begin, let me suggest you go to my website and read the article entitled, “Selling Commodities.” One of my clients sells what…

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Marketing Should Be Tied to Customer Segmentation

By CommenceCRM / March 22, 2023

Customer segmentation is a hot topic today as businesses want to be more efficient in controlling the cost of customer acquisition. So, what is customer segmentation? Customer segmentation is all about identifying how you can maximize profits from your customer base. It’s about creating specific segments or categories of customers across a variety of data points so that you can…

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Transitioning From Salesperson to Sales Manager

By Dave Kahle / March 14, 2023

Q. I have been reading some of your articles and then came across your website. I was wondering what kind of advice you would give to a salesperson trying to become a sales manager. What steps should I try taking first? A. Good question. I’m sure there are thousands of my readers who have the same question bouncing around in…

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Marketing - 5 Simple Steps to Cost Effective E-Mail Campaigns

The Cost Efficiencies of E-Mail Marketing Make It Good Value

By CommenceCRM / March 9, 2023

  Let’s say you want to introduce a new product or service to the marketplace, but you have a limited budget. Engaging a social media strategist or running pay-per-click ads on Google are out of the question. So, what can you do?  How about bulk e-mail marketing. According to industry experts, e-mail marketing is one of the least expensive ways…

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Our Lead Generation Program Is Not Working. What’s Wrong?

By CommenceCRM / March 1, 2023

You are responsible for the company’s marketing and lead generation program, and you are working diligently to uncover new business opportunities. Perhaps you have even engaged a third-party company to assist you but it’s not working. There are not enough new leads.  The sales team is frustrated and so are you. Designing and executing an effective marketing program is critical…

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