Month: February 2023

Should We Proactively Lead the Post-Covid Adjustments?

By Dave Kahle / February 15, 2023

Very soon we’ll be confronting the next wave of change as our companies and our jobs lurch back to something resembling pre-covid normal. The question in the back of every executive’s mind is this: “How do we handle the post-Covid changes?” Specifically, we’ll have to accommodate employees who have been working from home, customers who wouldn’t see salespeople, and a…

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Accountability in Personal Development

By Dave Kahle / February 7, 2023

Accountability – It’s The Dirty Word that Makes All the Difference I’m a morning lap swimmer. Three times a week, I jump into the community pool at about 7 AM and vigorously swim laps for 30 minutes. It keeps my back pain free and contributes to my overall state of health. At least, that’s what I tell other people, and…

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CRM Doesn’t Have to Be That Hard

By CommenceCRM / February 1, 2023

Take a survey of companies using CRM software and you will hear the same complaints. It is too hard to use, too many mandatory fields to fill in and too many clicks to access the right customer data.  After testing several CRM systems it’s hard to argue their point. Of course, products designed for enterprise level companies are by design…

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