By CommenceCRM

Commence, a Different Approach to Lead Generation


What marketing message will get me more qualified prospects?

“Our customers are all the same” says Larry Caretsky, president of Commence Corporation. “They are struggling to generate new business opportunities and have exhausted their efforts with lead generation services that have failed to deliver on their promise. There are a myriad of lead generation services to choose from. Most follow the same format i.e., they either make calls for you and try to set appointments for your sales team, or charge a fee for each lead they provide you via their marketing efforts. Regardless, most customers are just not getting the value they had expected with these services. Commence Corporation has taken a different approach to addressing the frustration by coupling its Marketing Software with professional marketing expertise that is delivering on its promises.”

Here are the challenges our customers face and how Commence has addressed them.

Where Do I Get a List of Prospects?

E-mail marketing has proven to provide the best value for the investment, but you need a list of prospects to market to. Unfortunately, the companies that provide these lists charge a lot of money for them and the accuracy is simply horrible. How do I know this? Well, it is because we provide a filtered list for our customers, but we do not just sell them a list of names. If fact, we do not charge for the list, but here is how we address the accuracy problem.

We run a test of 10,000 prospects, sometimes more, with the knowledge that a good number of them will be incorrect, will bounce back or ask to unsubscribe. By doing this we can ensure that the mailing lists we provide our customers reach a much higher number of prospects due to its accuracy. Problem solved.

Template Creation and Distribution

Purchasing a list of contact names is easy but what do you plan to send them? Have you created a series of professional templates? What message are you trying to deliver to prospective customers? How will you distribute several thousand mailers? How will you know who is interested and who is not? Have you created a call to action within your templates in order to capture the prospects information?

Commence has a team of marketing professionals that will meet with you to fine tune your value proposition, then design a series of mailers that deliver a consistent message month after month. Each mailer will have a call to action; this could be a free offering such as a product sample, a white paper, or free educational materials as examples. The objective is to get the prospect information so that you can follow-up with them and determine how qualified they are.


The key to selling more product or services is to determine how interested and qualified the prospect is. The Commence reporting engine does this for you automatically. Here is how. The system will inform you who opened the mailer, deleted it, and who clicked on a call to action. What is unique is that Commence will score each prospect based on their behavior. Those that opened the mailer get 2 points, those that clicked on a call to action get 3 points. Each week you can follow the path of the prospect from 2 or 3 points to 10, 12 or 14 points and decide when it is appropriate to reach out to them.

Commence is providing the marketing tools and expertise to ensure you have the following:

  • An accurate list of prospects to market to.
  • A series of professionally designed templates.
  • A vehicle to distribute several thousand mailers for each campaign.
  • Reports that inform you of all qualified new business opportunities.

To learn more, contact Commence Sales. E-mail: sales@commence.com or call 1-877-266-6362.