By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM Sales Tracking Software

Sales is the lifeline of every business and with the cost of customer acquisition continuing to increase, sales organizations need to be more efficient in how they track and manage sales opportunities. The real objective of sales tracking software is to enable sales management to view a snapshot of where every potential opportunity is in the pipeline. This way they can be proactive with the sales team, discuss each opportunity with them and chart a path forward to move each one to the next stage of the sales cycle. This is not rocket science, just good sales process management.

Sales Tracking software systems are specifically designed for this purpose. Commence allows you to automate the sales process and see a snapshot of all opportunities and what stage of the sales process they are in. A sales dashboard provides essential information to a sales representative such as new leads, the specific opportunities they are working on, the ability to schedule next steps and future tasks along with a graphical representation on how they are doing against their quarterly or annual quota.

Sales Rep Quota Performance guage

Sales Representative Dashboard

Sales management has access to an array of pre-built reports such as a 30/60/90-day forecasts, open opportunities, closed deals, win/loss analysis by sales representative, along with a set of pre-built graphical analytical reports as illustrated below.

Analytics Dashboard for Sales Managers

Sales Manager Dashboard

Commence CRM is a comprehensive offering for sales tracking and provides immediate access to the information both sales representatives and sales management need to make sound business decisions.  Commence CRM for sales tracking is so easy to use and affordable that this is not something you should just be thinking about; you could be doing something about it. Contact Commence sales@commence.com for a free trial or call 877-266-6362 for a product demonstration.