By CommenceCRM

New Jersey Boasts Top Rated CRM Software Company

The state of New Jersey is not known for having high tech computer software firms however a small firm in Eatontown is making waves in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) sector. While industry giants Microsoft and Salesforce are best known in the CRM software industry, Commence Corporation is quietly gaining ground with small to mid-size firms. What makes Commence unique is the company’s positioning in the industry and its comprehensive product offering.

The CRM sector consists of three levels of product offerings. First, enterprise solutions like Microsoft CRM, Oracle CRM and Salesforce that are comprehensive solutions that can scale to support many employees, support multiple languages, multiple currencies and are highly customizable These products by design can be cumbersome to use and quite expensive to implement, customize and support.

Small businesses can select a myriad of CRM solutions from freemium to just a few dollars per user per month. These are basic cookie-cutter programs that offer limited functionality and scalability and very few support services. If you are looking to capture basic contact information or generate a sales forecast any of these products will meet your needs.
Commence Corporation has discovered that there is an abundance of mid-size firms that require more functionality, flexibility and customizability than is offered by low-cost programs, but who do not need or want the cost and complexity of enterprise level solutions. This is the target audience for Commence CRM. The driver of Commence’s success is that their CRM software offers features and functionality that rival enterprise level companies at a significantly reduced cost. In addition, the company provides an array of support services that help fill the gap for these mid-market customers. For example, the company offers lead generation and marketing services to those companies that may not have experienced marketing professionals on staff. Commence CRM is coupled with highly trained sales, marketing and customer service personnel that ensure Commence customers realize the maximum value from the software. Orbis research and GoodFirms, reviewers of software solutions recently acknowledged Commence CRM as an “All in One” CRM solution along with the industry giants listed above.

To learn more about Commence CRM, visit the company’s web site at commence.com or contact Commence sales at 877-266-6362.