By CommenceCRM

Commence CRM for Project Management a Real Differentiator

Most CRM solutions offer the functionality of customer profile management, activity management and sales automation which is why they all appear the same. Commence Corporation is differentiated by a set of additional applications that make Commence CRM what’s known as an all-in-one CRM solution. While Commence and other all-in-one solutions have capabilities for marketing campaign management and ticketing, Commence CRM also offers a fully integrated Project Management application. This is quite unique in the sector and certainly worth a look if you want to have one single solution that integrates customer profile management with project management.

The Project Management module offers all the basic features you would expect from a project management system such as, creating project tasks and project templates that can be used when a project has similar tasks to others you may have done. The task may be assigned to a specific individual and manager, and you can keep track of the time spent on each task using the time slip feature in the product. One of the key components of the module is the built-in Gantt chart which provides a visual look at the steps of the project and whether you are on track, ahead of schedule or behind.

Commence CRM Project Management Gantt Chart

Project Gantt chart

Commence believes that everyone has projects and will want to access and view all projects at the account level. Notice the Projects tab on the left side tool bar. Clicking this will provide the detail of all projects associated with the Alabama Machine & Supply Company.

Commence CRM Account Screen

CRM Project Management for Accounts

If you are managing projects and would like to have once single consolidated database for managing customer profiles, their activities, sales, and projects take a look at Commence CRM.  Visit the web site at www.commence.com and ask for your free trial.