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Commence CRM Lead Tracking Software Delivers Substantial Value

Lead Tracking Point System

Commence Corporation, provider of Commence CRM is making waves in the CRM space with its two-level lead tracking software. Lead tracking is traditionally a component of most CRM software products but Commence has added a uniqueness not found in other CRM solutions. The Commence product offers a two-phase approach to lead tracking.

First, the lead tracking system is tied to the product’s bulk e-mail capabilities which allow you to create and distribute e-mail marketing templates on a periodic basis. Once the mailers are distributed, the system will automatically assign a score based on those opened and those who clicked on a call to action such as; an opened e-mail gets 2 points, if the contact downloads an article they get an additional 2 points, request a sample or a free trial two more points. Customers can track the progress of each lead based on the number of points associated with each one. Once they hit a specific point total they should be contacted by the sales team.

The second phase ranks and color codes each lead based on a set of predetermined criteria. Here is an example.

  • Prospect has indicated a critical need for your product or service
  • Prospect has a sufficient budget to purchase
  • The decision makers are engaged
  • Prospect will be making a near term decision

The leads are then color coded, red for highly qualified, yellow for promising but needs more work, and blue for just starting out. The color coding ensures that every sales representative is laser focused on the most promising new business opportunities based on the systems criteria not their gut reaction. This automation has resulted in significantly improved monthly and quarterly forecasts and a higher close ratio for new business.

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